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Here are the minimum counts for posts on Virily for you!

The Virily minimum word and image count for posts.

Written by Kenneth Shumaker published with Inevitable Unicorn Press on Virily.

Written on February 23, 2018.

Published on February 38, 2018.

Posting on Virily is rewarding in many ways, my favourite way is engaging with other creators.

Reading posts, I find that occasionally creators of posts run into hiccups and become frustrated when posting their work. I have run afoul of the editors a few times myself and have read of the frustration other’s experiences. What we often discover is we failed to meets minimum requirements or exceeded maximums for the post type we are placing our article. The editors then gracefully place the post back into our draft folder with a brief note indicating we missed the mark for the minimum of that type, sometimes informing us what those minimums or maximums are.

After the fourth return to drafts of yet another new post in a year, I contacted the editors of Virily and had a two-hour discussion in the online chat with them, taking the time to confirm the requirements for the twelve different post formats.

I’m here to share some of that knowledge which I gained, with you, the other Virily creators.

So, I tried to decide how to present the information to you, I’m writing this to try fitting the information into a classic list post, here is the list of minimums:

#2 First thing:

you need to know is your images must meet a minimum standard, this is 300 dpi and 500 x 500 pixels.

  1. That’s strange. I don’t think any of my images have been 300 dpi. They are probably closer to 72, which is the recommended size for most online use. I use 300 dpi for images that will actually be printed. I usually publish images that are close to 800 x 600 pixels. So far nothing has been rejected.

    • Barbara this is odd as I submitted 72 DPI images and they were rejected with notes saying they did not meet requirements and when I asked what resolution they needed to be I was told 300 DPI. But then as with any site, the rules are interpreted differently by each editor, your editor may see nothing blurred with your images so is fine with them, whereas my editor wasn’t happy with the image I was using so rejected it. It’s as simple as that. I Did as when I was talking with the editors and they prefer 300 dpi images. I’ve submitted images here to one editor and had it rejected, waited a day resubmitted the same post unaltered and a different editor looked at it an approved the post. so its all up to the editors, the first one rejected the post due to poor image quality, even though they exceeded the sites minimums and were clear. Editors are people too and we don’t know their thoughts when they’re looking at our posts.

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#3 Story:

this post is mixed text with images and embeds:

a. Words: 100 – 150-minimum, with a 7,000-character maximum.

b. Images: a featured image is a must, while images in the story are optional

    • Consistency and documentation are hard to find. It would seem the requirement for each type of post should be clearly stated in the Help section or Content Guidelines along with a clear explanation of how each type post behaves when published. I hate surprises like discovering a gallery or ordered list lets readers rearrange the photos with their votes, ruining the order you intended. It should be clearly stated that a type of post will do this. How different kinds of quizzes and polls will behave should also be noted. Many people writing these are flying blind. This affects the quality of posts on the site, especially since authors can do little to fix a post once the effect is known. That’s why I avoid writing many types of posts.

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#4 Personality Quiz:

these are posts asking: What type of person are you?

a. Words: a short intro of 50 words, with no minimum in question length

b. Questions: 6-8

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#5 Trivia Quiz:

these are posts asking: What do you know about …?

a. Words: a short intro of 50 words, with no minimum in question length

b. Questions: 8

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#8 Gallery:

these posts are a collection of images:

a. Words: 100 – 150;

b. Images: minimum 2

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    • I’ve been part of 26 blogging communities Barbara, very few have any documentation explaining their ‘rules’ or ‘guides’ it up to the posters to ask and find out. I like Virily as they have the most responsive editors I’ve met and they vet the posts before the posts get published, so not just anything gets out on the boards.

      • That’s why I enjoy having my own blogs and the one cooperative blog I have with my friends at Review This! We’ve worked together at Squidoo for years, so it’s easy to work together now. We know what the guidelines are and anyone who belongs to our mutual blog has to be accepted by all the other members. No one gets accepted who can’t write well, and no one needs to wait to have their work approved. I understand why so many social blogging communities need to screen what goes on their sites, but it is frustrating to have to wait.

        • I agree with you, that’s why I had my own blog site as well, I had a good size following too, but my tradition publisher made it part of our contract that I shut down all such activities. I’m no longer with that publisher and was I with Niume before they shut down. Branca of Virily invited me here so I came over.

  1. well that was all nice I wish they would fix the issue i have in my account . It was nice they replied back to you for over 2 hours that must have been nice . I can for the life of me get a reply back on my issue. Only time they reply to me is if it is about a post i made . I finally got a reply from one of them yesterday after i posted a post about my issue and then she rejected it and told me in live chat she don’t reply because she don’t know the answer . They really need to get it together and fix there glitches and answer there members and fix issues when asked . This is the 1st site i have worked on that there rules are different then what they tell you . But i like this site but wish things are a bit better . πŸ™‚

  2. well now that I know this did you HAPPEN to ask them why it takes
    so much time to edit your post every time we put one on here cause
    that’s MY frustration I’m having, they don’t go into the draft section/

    I think if they’d fix the issues they have on here people would write
    more than they do but it’s hard to write when you have to edit what
    you write not 1 time but 2-3 times & STILL don’t come out the way
    you wrote it, that’s MY issue with how the site works, back to mylot.


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