Minimalism: 12 Things You Need To Declutter Now

Have you ever wondered about the stuff that’s been sitting in your basement or attic for so long? Are there things in your home that are stuck in plastic storage boxes that are no longer useful other than collecting dust? If you’re reading this and you can start living a minimalistic lifestyle, then decluttering is one of the first phases in minimalism.

We’ll share with you 12 things that you can declutter and get rid of without giving too much thought. Things are either of no use, no value, and take up unnecessary space in your home. So be ready as these are a lot of things you may want to throw away.

User Manuals

We’re talking about manuals for stuff like your vacuum, microwave, tv, and so on. There’s a good chance that you haven’t read through all of them and probably won’t need it since you can already search them online, and you can just look them up when you have the need.

Unused Face and Hair Products

Remember that conditioner that you bought when you got so motivated to make your hair healthy or long but never even used because you found an even better one? Yes, you can dispose of them now. Go through all your face and hair products and throw out or donate the ones you don’t actually or never even use.

Food You Never Eat

Go through your cupboard and throw out (or donate) the foods that you have no intention of eating and foods that are about to spoil. They’ll take up valuable space and even tempt you to indulge, especially if they’re unhealthy food.

Kitchen Tools You Don’t Use

There’s a high chance that at one point in everyone’s lives they are gifted or will be gifted slush makers, blenders, other kitchen tools. Unless you’ve used that particular kitchen item in the last six months, get rid of it. You’ll probably never use it ever.

Socks without pairs

As painful as it seems, but your favorite socks that have been sitting inside your cabinet for months will more than likely not find its pair. It will unlikely be worn again unless you like to wear unmatching socks. Nevertheless, those socks have to go.

Clothing That Has Holes Or Broken

Even if it’s your favorite shirt, pajama, pants, or underwear, unless you have the time and energy to fix them perfectly, you need to throw them away as they’ll only take space in your closet or drawer.

CD’s and DVD’s

Seriously, who even uses DVD or cd players nowadays? If you own physical CDs or DVDs, set a date where you can transfer them all on your computer and dispose of those disks. Don’t worry; you can still subscribe to streaming services or music apps to satisfy your entertainment needs.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but for your information, you can type in or, and you can have a dictionary and encyclopedia at the same time all in your smartphone. You can dispose of those bulky and heavy books to save space.

Old Textbooks

If you have old college or high school textbooks that you’ve never even touched or don’t have any intention to reread, instead of letting it sit in the attic to collect dust and cobwebs, it’s a great idea to donate them to your local school or library.

Event-Specific Clothing

These can be anything from your Halloween costume when you were a kid, grade 12 jerseys, gymnastics clothes, and basically anything that you will never wear or have no intention of wearing.

Old and Used Notebooks

These are notebooks from years ago that are half-filled and full of random stuff and information that you can’t even remember and is of no use whatsoever. Better to get rid of them fast.

Shoes that don’t fit anymore

Unless you have a little brother, sister, or cousin that you can give it to, dispose of your old shoes that won’t fit anymore. You can donate them to local daycare centers or your local orphanage.


Decluttering not only frees up your room and home but also unconsciously frees up stress in your mind and body. Imagine living in a home where it’s so spacious and open. That’s what having a minimalistic and clutter-free home can provide. That is a peaceful and relaxing place to live in.


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Written by Shiraz Kahn

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