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Mind is a mountain a vast Mind is a future song in a cage

Mind is a mountain

Mind is a cage

Birds beat their Wings

while new thoughts Rage

Can you see tomorrow

when your mind is on stage

The tender beat

of music Sings

Stone up holds the house

soft whispers tiptoe like flowers

Carve thoughts of granite

with eternity a Spouse

These are days

that find new ways

to put kindness in bells

and liberty Rings

Go back to

your future

and trust the vast mind

to build a new Stage

What do you think?

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Written by Johndavisnearby

LET loose the Night
to play its strings in my Heart
the Music of the Ages
has a Beat from the Start
A Tit a Tat
and the Tap of a Shoe
Even the Muses listen to YOU
A Lute a Flute
Cello and violin Too
O Night of the Soft Winds
the children of Earth
Listen to YOU

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