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Meet my Peruvian muse

I started my novel “El Verano de Natalie Davis” (The summer of Natalie Davis) in 2015. However,  I could not finish it because things did not work out as it did not have a good end.

Two years later, in 2017, I met a girl from Peru whose name is Katia. She was a very nice girl, a teacher who was in Spain studying a course.  We hung out very often. We had a great time together. She discovered a lot of places, food and drinks she did not know before. As she speaks Latin American Spanish, I found very beautiful the way she used the language. Peruvian expressions are very poetic.

Once she ended her course and came back to Peru we started a very special relationship. We saw each other every day on the Internet. She inspired me in such a way that I invented a character after her that is key to the plot.

When the summer came I woke up every morning to write but before anything, I would write to Katia. She introduced me to the Literature of Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa. I read, for instance, “Travesuras de la niña mala” (The bad girl). I ended the novel that summer.

Thanks to her I was able to finish my novel “El verano de Natalie Davis” that was published in 2018. In this year 2019 I saw her again, she was in Madrid as she was travelling from Peru to go to Turkey and I gave her the novel that I ended thanks to her help. She has become a kind of a muse to me. Indeed, she inspires me so much I always write something after having talked to her.

If you read my novel you will discover a character that talks like her. The character that made me end the book. I deleted many of the parts I wrote in 2015 and introduced new things in 2017 thanks to Katia.

She will always be my muse!!! In fact, her character appears again in the second part of my novel that is to be published very soon. “El cumpleaños de Natalie Davis” (The birthday of Natalie Davis) is my new book.

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Written by Halcombe Norilsk

I have published 4 books, 3 in Spanish ("Ser un Tusitala", "El verano de Natalie Davis", "El cumpleaños de Natalie Davis") and one in English that was published in the United States ("The adventures of Halcombe Norilsk and other gripping tales"). Writing is my passion.


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  1. Since Peruvian expressions are so beautiful, perhaps you could write a post and share a few with us. America is a very diverse country but I think in my entire lifetime (60+ years), I may have only met one person from Peru. Do you suppose they would rather go to Spain than to come to America? I’m just curious.

    • You know what?? I wrote a post in English and Spanish with Peruvian expressions I learned. I published one post in Niume!!!! with Peruvian expressions and its equivalent in regular Spanish. There are a lot of South American people living in Spani but there will be Peruvians in United States too. Thanks for commenting. I worked once in New Jersey and there was Peruvian people working there

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