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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Chun-Li

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I learned a couple of new moves while playing Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. For all of you gamers out there with a PlayStation 4, these are a few moves that I have learned utilizing Chun-Li. I hope to share more with other characters as the time goes on, but for me Chun-Li is one of the more easier characters to navigate with at the moment.

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Auto combo – Square, Square, Square, Square

Fire ball – Left, Down, Right, Square or Triangle

Hyper lighting legs – Down, left, Circle

Upward roundhouse kicks – Down, Down, Circle

Overhead flip kick – Left, Down, Right – X or Circle

Throw – Walking towards opponent, Triangle

Double jump – Up, Up

Taunt – Touch pad


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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!


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