Maren Morris – Please Apologize


When the grandchildren are in my vehicle they have to listen to my music and I love this song. It has grown on them and is now on their favorite list as well. Today they watched the video and they are not happy campers. The youngest one would like Maren Morris to apologize for smashing out her cigarette and leaving it on the steps. 

“Grandpa, you would never leave your cigarette trash on the steps of a church or someone’s house would you?”


“Well I think she needs to apologize. She is an adult so she can smoke and that is her choice, but being a litter bug is not something that is okay no matter who you are. I believe she should apologize to all her fans or at least to me.”

I asked him what the wanted me to do about it. He said “Write about and send a tweet.”

I said it probably won’t work. His response caught me by surprise.

“It would be wrong not to give her a chance to make things right. Children, like me, matter and so do our opinions.” 

“Okay, she probably won’t even seen it.”

“Well she won’t see if you don’t try at all. So just do it”

I am.


What do you think?


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  1. See, we teach children certain things and it backfires. ?
    I think recording a video of your grandchildren asking Maren Morris to apologize for littering would have good chances to become viral, but I know how vulnerable they can be on the internet.

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