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Managing (My) Notifications and a Few Thoughts (Updates) on Virily

Hi all!

Maybe you have noticed I haven’t been that active lately… It just became a little overwhelming…

Recently I had over 1000 notifications and it was really overwhelming even thinking about solving them… That was the reason I couldn’t be much engaged with your posts, cause I had a lot to answer… It can be really overwhelming sometimes….. There was a lot of “viewing” and “commenting” notifications too, but they were somewhere in the middle…

So, I started from the oldest, solving one by one and at one point got to around 80-90-100 of them… Then I kept answering them, and marking page by page as “Read”, but the more I was answering the number was just keeping turning back to the same/similar figure… ;/ :E πŸ˜€ I was really trying to solve all of them but it just kept turning back to the same number over and over again, ahaha… πŸ˜€ It was constantly somewhere around 96… Finally, I somehow solved all of them…

Also, some of the recent discussions turned me off from the site, I’m just not that kind of a person…, so it made me thinking about and reevaluating some things…

Also, there are some things on the site… Like, if you haven’t noticed, the “Forum” option is deleted, so it looks like we won’t get it… Also, the dashboard is still not updated, even though it is almost the middle of the next month….. No answer about that yet… Answers in the polls are/were not working well, so when you click on an answer it registers the opposite one… Saving a draft also needs repeating for some things… The posts that were not visible on our posts page are STILL not visible…! Also, these days I have a lot of trouble accessing the site, it just won’t load!… Etc, etc!…

It also started being hard keeping track with all the posts that I would like to be engaged with…

So…, do you have your own way/system of managing things here…?

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoyed!

What do you think?

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  1. Well, I sometimes have trouble going through the notifications sometimes, but often cant log on or else it works too slow for me and cant spend the time doing things. I don’t understand the payment system
    However, it must be a nightmare for the staff of virily if theres only 3 people

    • I understand, the site was down for several days, and I contacted the admin so she said they were working on the problem and it should be fixed and working well now… Sometimes it is a little slow, but now I’m happy that it works at all…! lol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ I understand, it takes a lot of time…

      What about the payment system you don’t understand? When you collect minimum $10 you will get paid the next month, and the only problem is the value of the Viril that changes and sometimes it’s very low… I guess it depends on the activity on the site and since the site was unreachable these days, it went down very low, but I guess and hope it will now improve…:)

      Maybe, but we don’t know if there are other admins or stuff that are just not listed online ;/)

  2. I am not active nowadays, the site is up and down, I write a post and it all disappears because the site is again down… It’s frustrating, really. Too slow, too many bugs and even can’t reach very often. I simply miss old good Virily. It is getting worse and worse. We had a perfect site that calculated our earnings daily, and what we have now? A decreased value of Virily points, a decreased number of visitors, buggy site…

  3. I certainly understand and sympathize with too many notifications, not enough time!

    There are two sides to every story right? The management team for Virily also has a story. I suspect if you look at this thread they have at least 10, 15 requests for information about various problems and issues.

    Perhaps it is time that we, as the writers of the site (and therefore the people that feed the front end of the advertising system they use to make money) should actually work together more as a community. As in all of us banding together to post questions to the Virily team, as one voice.

    It might speed up the answers.

    • Yes, hard to manage everything I would like to do here, including reading and commenting every post I like, so then I at least just open and upvote until I get to comment on them…

      I was making Virily themed posts and polls where people agreed we should get announcements from them about the current problems, they could read our “one voice” opinions in each of the posts… I don’t see other ways of “one voice” communication than writing a post… Sometimes they listened and sometimes not… Obviously they don’t want (for some reason) to inform us about some things…

    • I think it was overwhelming because I was writing only Virily themed posts where you would have to discuss things-problems, things that are disturbing, it is much easier when people only give you compliments to something nice you posted, then it is just an enjoyment

  4. I’m very tempted to just stop posting and publicizing until the site speeds up. I’ll come check my notifications, but I see nothing but problems ahead if the site isn’t up more and if it remains so slow. No one from the outside is going to bother to wait for a page to load. That will only hurt our earnings. I’m afraid my visions for this site is blurred with bubbles, if you get my drift.

  5. There has been a lot of discussion about the problems with the site and the lack of response from the management in the Virily Users group on Facebook.

    The dashboard was updated a day or two ago to include February but it has not been updated since.

  6. I truly believe that Virily should not be taken too seriously. It’s a fun and colourful way to attract attention to blog postings that otherwise might not be seen. Just relax and enjoy seeing photos that you would otherwise not have seen. It’s really not worth getting your knickers (g-string?) in a knot over.

  7. I have basically given up. Upvoting does nothing but remind someone that you’ve been there. It takes me a least four days to get a quiz up. The problem is not the people here, but the technical aspects. I reached out to the person who takes care of the server for my web site. He said they need to eliminate the notifications that are more than 30 days old to give them the memory they need. I delete mine quite often from my side, but you have read and unread and that does not removed them from the site. I told them what he said. I mean check out the number and I have not been here long Viewing 1 – 25 of 44,525 notifications, 44,525 really?

    What if it really could be something that simple.

    • Ahh… It sounds like a solution actually. Too much load for their server to handle…
      come to think about it, I’m curious how many notifications people have now.

      I’ve over 4000 of them and I just couldn’t cut it down … it just keep coming and deleting is grueling and really slow.

      But I guess I’ll just try and do my part to help the problem…

    • Ok, upvote notifications are useful for that, it means to me to know who visited my posts, so I wouldn’t disable them…!
      Yes, I know, I completely agree…!
      That is a good thing to know and very useful information, thank you!!! There are tons of notifications that are not deleted because it is impossible to delete them all at once.. Maybe we should suggest that to the admins, I hope they will listen!!!

          • Sorry for replying to the wrong thread… :p
            Anyway, oh I really didn’t know about the timing of the “down time”… I couldn’t even ask anyone because … well the site is down.
            Thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

        • I answered to your comment on my post “Thank You Virily!… :)” under your reply here:

          or you can read it here, thank you :)…:

          5 days ago:

          Hmm… maybe next time you should elaborate a little?

          For example in this post, you commented with elaboration and with your feelings and you opened up a conversation!!

          Well, I’m not saying all comments should open up a conversation – there will be times that we just wanted to show our love and appreciation but really have nothing much to add, so we end up with β€œnice, looks delicious” kind of comments… (I do that sometimes too :p)

          I just feel we could be a little more creative at times, just by adding a little more (or some humour, which Albert does best in) and hence the comment will have a more personal touch to it and in your case, not look like you copy and pasted.

          These are just my 2 cents and in no way do I feel you copy and pasted. ?

          less than a minute ago:

          Thank you @alibb very much!…

          Well, it is like this…:
          – I didn’t elaborate the title because I didn’t plan to elaborate my comment, it just happened…
          – Of course, I agree!…
          – Yes, but not all of us are comedians or just currently not in that mood…..
          – Thank you, I am very glad for that!!!

  8. For myself, I just try to reply to each comment and then watch/upvote anyone who did the same for me. Sometimes on a light day I can look around for random content but usually I have my hands full just keeping the ninja code

    • What you meant by “continuous rejection”… – regarding notifications or admin’s not answering messages…..?
      Exactly, don’t know where to start!… πŸ˜€ Well, as long as there is a lot of posting there will be a lot of notifications….. πŸ˜€

  9. Reading too many notifications can be tiring indeed… but I would feel uncomfortable if I did not read them. At least we can immediately remove all notifications virils and upvote… There are still many mess and errors in Virily, and I can not do anything but wait, repeated the action many times or log out.

  10. When I get online I usually take a run through my notifications and as soon as I have finished I delete them. Then I head for the start and look through the posts of people I am following. I try to read and comment or upvote on as many as I can. Finally, I make new posts. That is the best I can do for now.

    • Yeah, that is VERY similar to what and the way I do…! Only sometimes, there is really a lot of notifications so I can’t just run through them… ;/) That is why now I’m ‘in between” the ways of doing and handling things here… It is kind of juggling now!… πŸ˜€
      Thank you for your comment!

  11. I think a lot of us feel the same way. Not getting answers is my biggest complaint. Errors, logging in, the time it takes to make a comment, so many things and like you said nothing on the March earnings and it is the middle of the month. Hopefully it will correct soon. Communication would be nice.

    • Exactly… At least they updated the dashboard, heh… πŸ™‚ I hope that too, and yes, they should communicate more, or at least listen and fixing things… I don’t know why there are more and more problems instead less and less… Now that logging in problem…

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