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Man Builds Tiny House For A Homeless Woman Sleeping In The Dirt!

Imagine how wonderful it would be if all contractors used their skills and excess building supplies to build something just like this?  

I know it will not solve the problem permanently but I’ll bet there are so many who would feel like they had just woken up in heaven after a night’s sleep in something as lovely as this, after having slept for goodness knows how long.

I help, lord knows I really do, but somehow it always seems so little, yet, when I do share my bounty, I always see the Lord’s smile in those weathered faces, old and young, staring back in gratitude, the MAJORITY of these people are just so grateful to have their  today, end a tiny bit better than their yesterdays. Something like the one in the video which they could lock up and truly call their own, could light up the spark of hope again, who knows, perhaps it could even put them back on a lost path…

While between jobs, my friend worked as temporary contractor for a construction company this summer doing construction clean up, both on a grocery store and an hotel site upgrade.  You wouldn’t believe how much “scrap”material gets thrown away!! Literally TONS of ply wood, carpeting and 2×4 beams, I think the issue with donating these materials is the cost involved in transporting the stuff to their destinations.  

Company’s in America can get a tax breaks from donating such materials, the cost of transporting, labor hours for loading and unloading and I’m certain several other factors may not be “cost effective to the company.    BUT…. having been virtually homeless at one time myself…I love the idea of these initiatives!!!

Another huge shelter source are scrapped shipping containers, which, versatility as homes, is no secret, yet in spite of this, they are extremely under utilized, even worldwide.


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  1. I read a similar story about a contractor in San Francisco who used the leftover wood from his projects to build tiny homes for the homeless. I live in Chicago where it was extremely cold this winter. Many of the homeless live in tents. Some people distributed propane heaters to help them.

    • How incredibly pleasing it is to hear this, Gary. You have made my day sharing this. I once had a tiny cellphone repair shop and two homeless men were sleeping inside our doorway. I asked them where their lives went wrong and what they said was so feasible. They were refugees from a neighboring country and had saved up all the money they could to buy a one-way ride to South-Africa. When they arrived in Durban, our city, the taxi driver robbed them of all they had inside their two small suitcases, including their passports and some cash. After buying them each a breakfast and some coffee, I took them to immigration and got them some temporary visas, I took them to a nearby shelter. I told them to consider my wife and I family and to stay in touch. Two weeks later, both were employed, one as an English teacher and the other as a plumber. I mention this because it took so little of my time and effort to significantly change their lives and also the lives of their families.

      • I had a similar experience. In July of 2001 I lost my job as a computer programer. I passed a small group of homeless men on our street and one asked me for some money. I explained that I had just lost my job and had a wife and two daughters in college and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for money. He offered me a banana that he had. I thanked him but said we still had enough food.

        As my financial situation improved I helped the guy out. My wife who knits and crochets made a couple of blankets for him. I gave him some sweaters I no longer wore but were still in good condition. I also just talked with him.

        A while later he disappeared. One of the other homeless men told me some guys beat him up and set all his stuff on fire. He was in the hospital but didn’t know which one.

        A few months later I was on my way to work and ran into him on the bus. After he got out of the hospital he got some help and got a job and an apartment.

    • You are so right Carol. You know my friend, we don’t have to try and change the whole world, after all, when Judas rebuked him for allowing expensive Mir to be “wasted” on His feet, He told Judas that the poor will always be with us, but He, Jesus would soon leave. We all put out food at least some of the time, we do as well and when we do so we at least protect the contents by packaging it decently. At 4 am. there are people looking for food and recyclable materials, aluminum, glass, plastic etc. in our municipal refuse bins.

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