Making Circles – 4

We were fourteen, graduating Junior High, and allowed to attend  our Junior Prom. That’s when Shaun got to dance with Laurie.

Seeing his face, I knew how deeply he felt for her. This  really hurt, as I had and fallen in love with him.

Shaun had perfect features, nice hair, and a good build. But he was  shy and not very confident.  He didn’t give the outshine of a good looking guy, so because he acted as if he was ugly, that’s how people saw him.

But I saw him for what he was, a really good looking guy who was bright, ambitious, decent.

During the years at Junior High, I often spoke to him, school stuff.

Discussing this event in history, that chemical combination in science, that poem in English; there was no me stuff, it was all scholastic. Yeah, sure, there wasn’t much ‘me’ at the time, I was one of those kids who went to school to learn, not to socialise. I had linked with Laurie because I did realise  that there was more to school than books and classes.

Although I might have helped her with her studies and homework, she helped me learn the life skills; fashion, conversation, appearance.


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