Make Money with Sweepstakes- Not for millennial

There is a separate community who is constantly participating in sweepstakes, and very few millennial are there. According to one infographic 90% participants are above age of 30. Moreover 55% are above 50 years and 60% are female compare to 40% male.

So what is the reason behind granny’s business? Though companies are spending billions of money to promote their brand and reward their customer, All are not interested. Legal age of entry is mostly restricted to above 18 years. So why only 10% are people from 18 to 30 age group?

There may be following reasons.

Time consuming? May be !

You have to fill the address details, other bla, bla, bla…. Youth don’t want to spend their online hours in filling such form rather than spending on some social & dating networks.

Money requirement

After retirement people are looking for some additional money without physical tiredness. So this might attract them.


May be they don’t wants prizes like trip, car, holiday etc. However cash is always first choice for all.

Brands that don’t disturb

Millenial like to attaché with particular brand only. They don’t want to get promotional emails from xyz brands. They knows everything about it. 


What do you think?


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