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Magic Dream Catchers Jewelry

Let me tell you a story about some real jewelry. If you expected to hear about diamonds and gold, you’ll be very disappointed. Because these earrings and necklaces have different kind of value. These are valued by heart, by warmth and by love.

First of all, I didn’t make the jewelry. It’s a creation of my friend, Dragana who makes amazing leather jewelry. I made boxes, to pack that awesomeness as it deserves. And vials with magic potions, but that’s another story….

#1 Leather Dreamcatcher Earrings

Dragana and I made those sets for my Etsy shop.

  1. Really beautiful earrings. I can’t wear earrings, as my skin is too sensitive and the clip ons don’t work on me as I don’t have ear lobes. I think they look wonderful


#2 Nightmares, Beware

All myths have magicians, witches, or sorcerers so why should Indian myths be different? In our story, there was an ancient tribe of shamans who practiced keeping dreams. They used to make traps for nightmares, so called "dream catchers" to catch bad dreams. Then, in order to keep the dreamer sane, shamans used to switch imprisoned nightmares with happy thoughts, they kept in vials. Making magic potions was the biggest secret of all, so only few of them knew how to do it. That's our story and we like to believe it's true. But it's all right to make your own story, wearing that unique jewelry.

#3 Paint It Red

My favorite, red with green details.

#4 Wintry White

Look like they are made for some Indian snow Queen....... and I start to feel cold... 😀

#5 Just Natural Brown

I like those, too. Maybe because our friend, Tijana was such a great model. 🙂


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    • You can always try to make some trinket just for yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to wear it. It would be just a little reminder that you tried to do what you wanted to, regardless of the outcome. 🙂