Luna (Tic) University – 3

The protocols on Luna worked because they were snatched from the pages of respectable sci-fi novels which created, populated and organised underground caverns as a closed eco-system. I liked the idea.

I liked using all those stories I read as a kid, (read as if they were pornography having to be hidden behind acceptable literary offerings)  as our manual. The astronaut/engineers from their Quonset huts on the Moon’s surface had begun  digging corridors one hundred meters below the surface. They used the moon dust to fill prefab steel reinforced plastic segments; easy to assemble as a set of leggos with groove and tongue, attaching pre built solar panels for electricity and setting recyclable plumbing.

They had created a kilometer long tunnel with removable portals for expansion when necessary.

This was life on the Moon.

Life for people who could deal with that kind of life.

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