Loving His Queen

It all began in 1836 when Albert took second place to his older brother who was to take over for their father in ruling the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. That year the two teenaged princes went to Windsor to visit their young cousin Victoria of Kent. Victoria was looking for a husband at this time and everyone thought that she would choose the older brother Ernest instead of his more reserved brother Albert.

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Once Victoria was crowned the Queen of the United Kingdom the two princes paid her another visit and it was a surprise when she proposed to Albert. Once he married Queen Victoria he was given the unusual title of prince consort which was officially granted in 1857 and meant he could never be king.

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The lack of actual power didn’t bother Prince Albert and he became Queen Victoria’s trusted adviser and secretary, supporting his queen during the disputes with Prussia and America. Whenever she was with a child he took on her daily workload. Their marriage was a true love match and Prince Albert never looked at another woman. He would always affirm his love for his wife in the letters he wrote her –

“Heaven has sent me an angel whose brightness shall illumine my life … In body and soul ever your slave, your loyal Albert.”


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