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Love And Respect ~ 365 Photos Challenge #143

We can not forget you and don’t want to. Even if we can. Under this gravestone, you have been put. Turned back to the essence of the elements. But your voice still I hear. Your advice is still on. Your courage sustains all my bones. Your honesty is my blood circulation. Helmet here is still a symbol of services that we are proud of.

A military ceremony, once done to take you to live in this cemetery, along with other heroes. In the silence of this tomb, written history and meaning. Stories of eternal struggle, divided in the lifetime of the son of man, in names, and in all forms of respect.

But I know that you are with us, between us, not just in spirit, but as life, who are still struggling and learning. This morning, we put our love mark, some flowers, in lieu of words and prayers, also that you are the flower of the nation that has returned to its owner.

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    • Thanks, TZ. There are so many true heroes, those who give their souls and bodies to the state, which inherit the pride of the abandoned families, but also the sadness, not only because of their death but also because their sacrifice is ultimately less valuable because of political interests or other.

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