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Lottery winner in N C is going to use his winnings to feed homeless

Former White House Chef Roberto Mendoza who has also worked as a chef for the Academy Awards in California before leaving the political and entertainment cooking profession to become a manager of a restaurant in Charlotte North Carolina credits his mother who came to visit him from Guatemala to North Carolina to visit her son.

Keep in mind that Roberto does not like to play the lottery since the odds of winning a huge jackpot are highly against him.

However his mother advised her son that she felt that winning lottery ticket feeling. Roberto then took the advice of his mother and bought a $5 dollars North Carolina Lottery scratch off ticket which resulted in Roberto winning the grand prize of $250,000 dollars.

After Uncle Sam and the North Carolina state lottery officials took their share of the $250,000 dollars from the taxes, Roberto’s next payment from the lottery winning ticket was in the neighborhood of $176,876 dollars.

What impresses me of Roberto is that he does remember his childhood when he knew what it felt like not having a meal to eat. Roberto will be using the lottery winnings to feed the homeless in the Dominican Republic where he has a foundation to feed the people in his homeland.


According to many television shows, lottery winners go broke when they spend money on material items that they do not need instead of assisting the needy in their communities.

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  1. This is a great thing to do. I think people need people and sometimes, these selfless things are something that mere money can’t buy.
    Yes, we are all human and while many lose their winnings others use it wisely. Money is a tool . To feed the homeless is great .

  2. I think this one of the best ways to spend lottery winnings. Unless you know how to invest your money safely, giving to charity is awesome for both community and soul. ?
    I doubt Mendoza really needed the money, but some people are just too greedy (and more money makes them even greedier), it’s great he decided to remain modest.

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