Looking At the World Upside Down

As a child I have a game I loved to play. It was holding a mirror and looking down into it and walking around the house as if I were walking on the ceiling. Now you can visit a house that is upside down. Other houses of this kind can be found in Japan, China, Russia, Poland, Germany, and Austria.

The Rumah Terbalik upside-down house in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia has become a popular tourist attraction. It has found a prominent place in the Malaysian Book of Records as the only structure of its kind in the country. As you take a tour you are walking on the ceiling and all of the household furniture and appliances are hanging above your head. If you take a look in the garage there is a car parked upside down. Perhaps there is no specific reason to visit this house except that it is there and it is unusual.



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