Look Your Best This Fall: Style Guide for Men

Fall fashion is coming in hot (or perhaps, chilly) in 2021 for women and men alike, but men’s style, in particular, is looking fresh and exciting. Whether you like to spend your fall and winter indoors and cosy by the fire, or outside amongst the crunchy leaves, you’ll want to look good while doing it. 

Keep reading to find our men’s fall style guide and discover what’s coming in hot in the cold months ahead.

Warm Tones

This one is probably no surprise considering the fashion trends across 2021. Earthy, neutral tones are where it’s at, and for fall we’re simply warming up to browns and reds. Keeping in line with the leaves outside, opt for reddish and yellowish browns or tan colours from your trousers to your jackets. Mix and match different shades, throw in pops of white and beige and you’ve got a winning look.

Sneakers and Boots

More than keeping your toes warm, sneakers and boots are going to be winter staples for stylish guys this year. These are both the types of shoes that you can dress up or down, and they’ll be the finishing touch to any look, or completely change up the style if you wish. Go for elevator sneakers or a boot with a bit of a heel if you want to add some height, and think browns, beiges and olive greens for your colours of choice. 

Plaid is Back

But was it ever gone? Flannel shirts and jackets are going to re-emerge as staples in the male wardrobe in 2021. Vintage and oversized is usually the best way to go – opt for a baggy look over a T-shirt and slim trousers, chinos or jeans and you’ll have yourself a winning look. Paired with a beanie and sneakers, this is a fool-proof combination. 

Puffer Jackets

Keeping warm but doing it in style can feel like a mission – does anybody want to look like the Michelin man while going about their daily business? 2021 fall fashion says: yes, please. Puffer jackets are trendy right now and the great thing about this is that they’ll keep you toasty too so you won’t be sacrificing comfort for clout; turns out you can have your cake and eat it too. 

Texture and Pattern

Don’t worry, your neutral-toned simple T-shirts haven’t gone out the window. However, if you want to update your wardrobe, adding some new textures and patterns in layers over simple staples is a great way to go about it. Think the above-mentioned plaid, houndstooth, or herringbone. Add in some fleece, knitted sweaters,  faded denim and our old favourite corduroy, which is back in business in 2021. Go for different colours and textures in one outfit to play with the different effects they have and see what suits your style best. 

Loose Fit Trousers

Some of us are jumping for joy to realise that skinny jeans are on their way out – finally. Looser fitting trousers are what’s in fashion this fall for men and women alike. Think straight-leg jeans and looser fitting trousers in cotton or corduroy. Switching over to a looser fit might feel like nose-diving back into the nineties, but we think that a shift back to comfort is always a positive one.


Updating your wardrobe doesn’t have to entail an entirely new set of clothes. If you’re set with the classics, then simply adding in some colours textures and fun items here and there can completely change up your look. 

Start off with a classic brown or tan coat that can be paired with almost any outfit, and a good quality blazer to throw over jeans and a T-shirt for a casual look that still feels put together. Keep things light with beige and olive tones and avoid harsh blacks this fall. 

A good selection of basic, staple sweaters, knits and hoodies will keep you going throughout the entire cold season and paired with some classic white sneakers you’ll be able to rock just about any look.

Final Thoughts

Focusing on warmth, comfort and working with what you have is the best way to stay on trend in 2021. A new sweater, jacket or scarf in a trendier style can do wonders for the clothing you already have without needing to break the bank or leaving you with piles of clothes that are out of style a few months down the line. When shopping for trends, aim for just a few items that work with the staples you already own. 


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