Looff Carousel

No matter how many years roll by I am and will always be a carousel fan. In the photo I am on a carousel in Maine. As you see I am never too old to ride one and if the opportunity presented itself I would still ride one today.

Hand-made carousels are also known as merry-go-rounds. They are a form of folk art that was very popular at one time. Unfortunately many of the early handmade carousels are now long gone.

One hand-made carousel is still in use. It is the Looff Carousel found at Crescent Park in East Providence, Rhode Island. It was built and created in 1895 by Charles I.D. Looff, a native of Denmark. This carousel was entered in the National Register of Historic Sites and Places on April 21, 1976.

An interesting fact about carousels is that there is a lead horse. Legend has it that the lead horse is always the biggest and most decorative horse. Often a war or military horse is the lead horse. If you see a chariot (a two or four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage) on the carousel then the first horse just behind it on the outside is the lead horse. Many carousels have horses that move up and down as if they are galloping.


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  1. the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Indiana has a restored one on the 4th or 5th floor. You had to buy tickets (to help maintain the restoration).

    we would race there to get tickets every time we went!


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