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London Bridge in Arizona

There is the children’s rhyme about London Bridge falling down. Well in the mid-20th century the bridge was in really bad shape and could have fallen down. The weight of cars going over it was beginning to push the bridge down into the Thames River. So in 1968, the bridge was being auctioned off to make room for a new bridge. 

It was a man from Arizona named Robert McCulloch who made the winning bid. He was the creator of the resort community Lake Havasu City. By reconstruction of the London Bridge in Arizona, he figured it would draw in more tourists. So he paid $2.46 million and the bridge was disassembled and the stones numbered. 

All of the pieces were shipped and the voyage went through the Panama Canal on its way to California. When the ship arrived at the Port of Long Beach the rest of the way was by truck to Arizona where it was reconstructed. The bridge was completed in 1971. So if you have a chance to visit Lake Havasu City you can see the London Bridge.


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