Lokrum is a small island in the Adriatic which is located about 630 meters from the old town of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik.The island is 1,600 meters long and 540 meters wid

e it is, and has an area of 81 hectares. In the north reaches a height of 93.2 meters. At the highest point of the fort built by the French fort Royal. The island is a nature reserve with dense Mediterranean vegetation. Here are grown olives, agaves, cacti, palm trees and magnolias. There are also laurel, oak, pine and white pine. Lokrum name probably derives from the Latin word acrumen (sour fruit), once known for its orange trees.

The island was first settled 915 years people from Basil. Benedictine monastery built by the year 1023. Dubrovnik and is also one of the oldest Benedictine monastery in Dubrovnik. After losing home Benedictines are circulated three times around the island with candles turned upside down; According to legend, the one who assembled all the wax, to break an ancient curse.


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