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It’s not my typical day because I am not working at my full time job. This is the typical day when I am “off”. It begins like every day at around 3:00 am. I got up and started the laundry washing. I checked in here and read the latest posts that I had not read. I shared some on social media and then I started looking around to see what my priorities needed to be today.

It seems like I live with people who are really good at starting projects. I guess most of my day will be finishing projects. Most of the laundry has been washed and as near as I can tell none of it has been folded or put away. Of course as soon as I began he came in and asked me to move. So onto the next chore.

I went and finished the dishes, by putting them all away. Then he said he wanted to make some breakfast and wanted me out of his kitchen. So I left.  I headed back to the laundry room and folding clothes, hanging clothes and putting them away. I stumble on some I thought had been donated. I moved those to the car.

He made himself breakfast, but not any for my brother. So I went back to the kitchen, made breakfast of us and took it upstairs. I sat down and ate with him. 

By the  time I got back downstairs the washing machine was going again and the dishes from everyone’s breakfast needed to be done. So I went back to that and gone all the dishes done and put away.

I then did a quick proof on a post and submitted it.

I again went through the latest and commented when I thought I had something of value to say.

Then my husband announced that we needed to go to the store.  I told him to make a list and I went and checked out the fridge. I got rid of a few items and wiped it down so he could put away whatever he felt that he needed to purchase.

I then hopped in the shower and got properly  dressed for the day. (Wow I have a really boring life.) I should probably just stop here – I will think on that! 

So I kept writing what I did all day, but I don’t think I will publish it unless there is a request. This probably was not a good idea.


What do you think?


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