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Let's Really Talk about This

Right now the only way we can really talk is in open posts. So let’s put it all out on the table and sort things out, because that it what families do and we have become a family.  Please share this with every member so we can continue to be helpful, supportive, and spend time together.

I know many of you have gone blue. I can’t help but notice there are no advertisements showing there. Until I see advertisements I have no reason to believe there will be enough income of any kind to share. It’s just my observation. However, if a number of us are at least going to try to participate and see where it goes we should support each other. We should find each other, support each other as we have over the years. We have put in a lot of time and effort to become a community.  It’s important, at least to me, that we continue that. (It may be more important to me because I lost my brother and I feel like pieces of me are falling apart.) Still logic says if we keep supporting each other wherever we are we will all be more successful.

So write a post and let me if you agree, if you want to keep in touch or what your plans are. We are looking, wandering and wondering.


What do you think?

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