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Let’s Prayer for a Virily Member

I would like to inform everyone about our Virily friend Rex Trulove. I always enjoyed his posts about where he lived in Montana and about his family. Then I saw that he was no longer posting and I wrote messages to him through Virily. When there was no response I remembered that he has a Facebook account. I went to FB and to his page.

I was saddened to see that his daughter was writing on his site about the fact that her father, Rex had had a stroke and was very ill in hospital. From what I understand he’ll soon be going to rehab. I left her my email so she could let me know more about how he is but I don’t know if I’ll hear from her. If I get any more news I can inform you.

In the meantime let’s all say prayers for Rex and wish him a speedy recovery. Then I can further let his daughter and family know we are thinking of him.


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    • I am glad I could pass the information on. I have been on different sites with Rex and also know him for a long time. I found the information through his page on FB. I have given this link to his family on his page but I also check back so I can pass on any other information.

  1. I noticed his absence too and did not know how to find out why he was not posting. Thank you Sandra informing us about this. It is indeed sad that this has happened to Rex. Prayers will help him and I will pray.

  2. Do you know when did that happen…? I was writing him messages on Fb about an issue I was having in an Fb group but wasn’t getting responses (we are not friends and I usually wasn’t getting responses from him) and then I noticed he wasn’t active here too…

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