Let's Make it All about "You"!

I love my husband. The music was shakin’ and rockin’ the house down.  He said that I need to step out and make a post that was all about you! So I am taking his advice. This is all about you, my friends, and what keeps me coming back here. 

There are beautiful pictures posted and things that I would probably never consider taking a picture of right here. There are many informative posts that teach me new things.  I love to learn so that is a plus. 

My writing here gives the people that are invited to my private blog and whole different perspective about writing on line, writing a profession blog, publishing books and being a presenter. I guess I am kind of like an onion and I have a lot of layers. 

Everything here is not roses and ice cream and still there are many talented people here that I truly appreciate and respect. It adds another outlet and lets me share, learn, teach, brings hope, brings sorrow, brings pain and life is about all of those things.

So this is post to let my friends know that as always they have my deepest respect and gratitude for marching through the words to find the heart. If you “know” me, you will be forever in my heart and my thoughts, prayers and words will always ring true and show my deepest love. It’s all about you. Share “YOUR” story. Why are you here?


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter