May 1, yearly celebration of Labor Day here in our country. These are one of the holidays I cannot enjoy because I needed to submit reports, I have to monitor until 12 midnight to finalize my report. And take note this is free, no additional payment or overtime pay or double pay because it’s holiday.

Most of the laborers here in our country have the same shout out “SALARY INCREASE” and “END OF CONTRACTUALIZATION!”

Rallies and march down are being done by different labor groups, organizations and activists hoping that their sentiments will be given attention by the government and agencies concerned. Sacrificing their rest day just to shudder the sleeping heads of the government chiefs.

Salary increase for all employees, everybody serves the country in different ways, we all have different duties and functions to make the company/agency/section we work in to prosper. Every employee devotes their life just for the sake improvement. And now, not just the common employees are shouting for this increase, if we are devoting our skills, capabilities and our life for the improvement of the agency we work in, where is the sympathy of the chief or heads of our agency to make their employees also improve the status of living. There must be give and take to be able to compensate every employee who’s dedicated in their work field. To avoid short time and unsatisfactory result every work must be well compensated.

End of Contractualization; a promise made during campaign period but no positive result until now.

How can they sleep at night peacefully when there are people who can’t sleep because they don’t have a comfortable house. How can these people enjoy eating in luxurious restaurant when outside are those begging for a spare of food.

Promises made to be broken, making these laborers hopeful yet nothing is happening. Indolence for not taking any response to end the agony of these laborers.

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