Leptis Magna – Libya

Leptis Magna – Libya

 Leptis Magna was a big and important city of the Roman Empire on the African coast of the Mediterranean. His remains are located in the city of Homs, about 130 km east of Tripoli (Libya). Inscribed in 1982 the UNESCO list of World Heritage in Africa because of the best preserved Roman monuments in the Mediterranean. The city was probably founded by the Phoenicians as a colony around 1100 BC. The city began to thrive at a time when Carthage became the strongest force in the Mediterranean in the 4th century BC. The city is actually more than 200 BC. enjoyed a large degree of autonomy, which is maintained during the Roman rule until the Emperor Tiberius that the city and its surroundings fit in the Roman province of Africa. He soon became one of the leading cities of the province and a major commercial center.


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