Lake Kado

Lake Kado, a place where the biggest growth conifers in the world on the border states of Texas and Louisiana is a small miracle of nature – Lake Kado, on whose shore grows the largest cypress forest in the world. The lake was formed by accident, late eighteenth .Kado is the largest natural lake in the south, and the only natural lake in Texas. Half of the lake is in Texas and half in Louisiana. The lake covers an area of about 106 square km, where it grows a lot of interesting and beautiful plants: 190 species of trees and shrubs, 75 different species of plants, 42 vine plants . the lake is home to a variety of animals and 50 species of mammals, 220 species birds, 60 species of fish and 30 species of small “snake” and other reptiles, 45 species are rare or endangered. But the most interesting attraction is the forest of cypress, which are also the largest on the planet. The height of some cypresses exceeds 50 meters. On the reserve grow two types of cypress – Arizona and Marsh, but people call them “fat bald


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