Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina … 🇧🇦

Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina …

 Konjic is one of the jewels of Bosnia and Herzegovina, because of the abundant nature that surrounds it completely. The Neretva River runs through the center of the town of Konjic, while the magnificent mountains Prenj dominates the background. The old part of the town of Konjic is very nice for walking, as well as the city center, from which, in each direction offers a vivid view of the environment and Neretva. One of the attractions of Konjic Old Bridge, built in 1682, at the time of Sultan Mehmed IV, as the last great Ottoman buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was built Haseči Ali-aga from Blagaj. Old Bridge in Konjic considered point where it connects with Bosnia-Herzegovina, with the Old Bridge of Mostar and the Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic Bridge in Visegrad, is one of the most beautiful buildings from the Ottoman period. German invaders destroyed a bridge in Konjic on 3 March 1945, during the retreat from Konjic, after which it was at the same place was wooden, but  steel, and in 2009 by the Turkish company ER-BU, restored in its original form. After the restoration of the opening of the famous, the old stone bridge with six arches officially marked on 16 June 2009, on the day of the Municipality of Konjic. Old Bridge in Konjic was declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina


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