Klyuchevskaya Sopka

 Klyuchevskaya Sopka

Highest active volcano in Eastern Asia. Sometimes it is defined as the highest active volcano in the whole Euroasia (due to Damavand not significant eruption in last centuries). It is cone shaped volcano, that can be climbed from all sides. Mostly, climbs are from the pass between Klyuchevskaja nad Kamen from the south. Less popular is west route. The height of Klyuchevskaja is in the range from 4750 to 4850 m according to different sources. However, on the north side of the summit crater it is 4750 m.

The first ascent of the peak was in 1788 by Daniel Guass and two other members of the Billings Expedition. The second ascent was not until 1931, 143 years later! Several of the members of the 1931 expedition were killed by flying lava bombs on the descent of the peak.Mike Kelsey info – added by Scott Patterson.


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