Jump UP — Trance music

I was in a store yesterday buying some stuff for the house, and I noticed that the music that was playing was in Spanish!!  But I live in Israel, so it wasn’t so logical.  So after I paid for my items, I asked the seller if she wanted to listen to some new music that I had just composed.  She listened to the track that I put up here yesterday, The Road to Tiberius.  I asked her whether she could play it in the store? Well, it is too relaxing,  she said, “We need more upbeat music!”  So I went home and composed this.  What do you think, is it upbeat enough?


What do you think?

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  1. I was actually thinking that maybe I need to change the genre of my music. What genre does this song really fit into? When I am composing I don’t think about what type of music actually, but what feels like that song should do and what drums feel right, what melody matches what is going on in my head at that moment. I use a Midi program and I imput every single note real time. This is for all the instruments. It might take me an hour or two to do a 3 minute song. Then to put it on Sound Cloud I have to do a cover, which nowadays since I am taking the drawing class I want to draw it myself. So please let me know what genre you think my music fits into.

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