Job Scoping

Job Scoping: When someone keeps adding more specifications to your work so they can drag the job out and not pay you

You’d think that people would have some common decency not to do this to another person. We all have to make a living and just because some of us choose to do it by freelancing our services doesn’t mean we don’t work hard for our money. After all, the news says that more and more we’re living in a “gig” economy and freelancing feeds right into this quite well.

It’s unfortunate that some people simply aren’t meant to be bosses and yet they are. I know that the Internet is the “wild west,” but I still feel strongly against this. I also know that this has been happening for quite a long time now but to think that the “black hat” world has given it a name is just wrong. I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is who’s terming this word though.

So, have you ever been “job scoped?”


What do you think?


Written by Brenda Marie H

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