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I've Got Your Supermoon Right Here, Pal (2014-07-03 12-38-17a)

I’ve Got Your Supermoon Right Here, Pal (2014-07-03 12-38-17a)

Last Sunday sky viewers in the USA got to witness the Blood Supermoon Wolf Moon. Blood because it was read because of a lunar eclipse, the only one in the USA this year. Supermoon because it appears larger in the sky than normal. Wolf because that is the nickname given to the first full moon in January.

As has become normal in supermoon events, photographers took photos and shared them online. One problem. You can’t tell the difference between a supermoon and any other full moon in a photograph. I decided to have a little supermoon fun myself.

OK, I cheated. It was cloudy Sunday night so there was no way to get a photo of the supermoonn so i had to improvise. Fortunately NASA has a lot of photos of the moon which, since NASA is funded by our taxes, are in the public domain.

The cityscape is my photo. It was taken from the 5th floor of the medical building at 3000 North Halsted, Chicago, Illinois (Lake View). I used a Nikon Coolpix P7700 camera to take that photo.

Editing was done using Affinity Photo 1.6. First I straightened the cityscape and cropped it slightly. Then I combined the cityscape and the moon using a mask and copying and pasting the image of the moon over it. Then I adjusted the cityscape portion by lowering the exposure, raising the brightness and contrast, opening up the shadows a bit and adjusting the curves.

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  1. Wow you created a masterpiece. A masterpiece in my eye because I am useless with a camera even my cell camera. Oh I can knit, crochet, tat using the smallest cotton thread but for the life of me, photography is a great myth that I cannot explain or do.

    • The best way to get good at photography is to just keep trying. Keep the ones you like and delete the ones you don’t. It’s cheaper to do that now than in the 1969 when I got started. There’s no film and processing.

      My wife is into knitting and crocheting. (She tried tatting but didn’t care for it.) She also enjoys When we go on vacation she carries two little toy hamsters and poses them wherever we go.

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