It’s Not Just Noise, It’s Effortless

Daily Goal Beginning January 14 

I believe in daily goals and accountability, so I shall carry on with making them and publishing them. I will however not share them in the same way and refused to hand over my heart to those who will abuse it.  I took a lot of very precious time today to research, look inside, think, ponder and such. I came across an interesting statement. “Why do writers write? They do it because they cannot, not write.” (Yes I love the double negative, and the words weren’t mine, That is why it is in quotes ) I will, I have, I do write every single day. I do it because I have to do it. 

At some point in my mixed up crazy life, I got the impression that it wasn’t really “written” until someone reads it and it made something happen. It made them feel something, it made them think about something or understand something. Now the light has finally turned on and things have to change to make the mind, heart, and soul are coming together.

I remember I used to say all the time, just write it and run. My instincts, I believe, are correct. If someone wants to have a conversation about what I have written, that is what messages are all about. If someone wants to leave a comment, that is them needing to write or be heard. It’s probably not a reflection at all unless of course anger becomes a motivation. Once that happens all bets are off, as they say.

Now that really isn’t the way this site is designed. People are rewarded financially, a little, for interaction and such. There are many “tricky” ways to play that to your financial advantage and they are quite transparent. Artists and writers like to be paid, but even if they never make a dime, they must create to be truly content.

So yet another lesson learned. What will my future here be? Will there be a future here? I have no idea right now. What I do have is a clear picture that I have all the power to make all my choices, writing, living, dying, laughing, crying, sharing and I am not handing those over to anyone but me. (I do wish it was Saturday because music sure does sound like a good idea)

Oh hang on there, I won’t be here Saturday.  I will be putting my father’s remains in his final resting spot. I am the master of my ship. If I was to do Saturday early so be it. My soul and heart is now my guide.

Disclaimer: Unless mentioned by name there is no real or inference, referring to anyone on this site, real or fictional.


What do you think?


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  1. i love this, you bring to light the essence of writers. We write alone in the dark, not because we seek the light but because we can’t start a day until it is out of our heads.

    We will miss you on Saturday. It is a hard day for you i know. Best warmest happiest wishes i can send are attached!

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