It’s been a BUSY week but a GOOD one

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing in action a few days :>{ but I’ve been really busy lately with things, trying to get things done with all I have going on, like on & offline, it’s been crazy you know the saying busier than a chipmunk? Well that’s JUST how busy I have been lately.

Well let me just say that I’m sure glad everything has went the way it has for once for us cause here lately it’s been one drama after another, but God has us in his hands I know :>} & I’m glad that this past week has FINALLY panned out cause I sure wasn’t getting no where.

Let me just say this, that this past week has went so well that I feel a 20 ton stress bomb lifted off my shoulders like you wouldn’t believe that ought to tell you something there :>} the person we been paying just past away 3 mos ago had me on pins & needles. :> { It’s taken THIS long to hear from the person that was assisting him on taking care of all the people he had that was paying for their place like we are & when I got that phone call & heard who it was on the phone I was never SO glad to hear from that person. :>}

I felt like rockets going off in my head & my body was feeling like a HUGE weight had been lifted off me that I was just tickled pink & I don’t get that way ALL the time, it’s been a rough few months since hubby bought the car TIGHT- TOO tight let me tell you, But when she came by the house with the MAIN thing I wanted to get in my hands O M G I was never so glade to hear the words she told me like I ran into a pot of gold, & never left the farm ha ha ha like I was sitting on a sack of PURE blessings.



Do I have you in suspense yet on what it was she had in her hands yet? I bet I do it was the VERY thing I’ve tried for the past 6 yrs to get out of the person B-4 he passed away, a bal of what we have owed on this place after 6 yrs of paying. :>} When she showed me that & said what she said it just MADE MY WHOLE YEAR, cause with the way we have been done over the yrs b-4 we found this place :>{ it’s not been no picnic I can SURE tell you that & when he passed away O M G. I didn’t know where we stood with this place didn’t know who was doing what with our money & couldn’t get a hold of anyone & lord I had all kinds of bad things running through my head & when I got the news it was like a BOMB. She told us that we have a little over 3 yrs left to pay the place off & we don’t have to worry about who’s handling the pymts we send cause it’s her & that we ALSO don’t have to worry about losing our place EVER AGAIN,. :>} Now for the REST of the news I have been busy on this past week, like I said I’ve been busy this past week getting things done & out of the way 1 by 1 & little by little so please forgive me for having such a LONG post to read here.

Since we got the GOOD news I got really busy on getting some more things knocked in the head here like the other site I’m on I made my goal THERE to get that 50$ mark done so THAT’S a blessing for me to be blessed with. Now all I have to do is wait to get THAT $ in my acct to get a bill paid up on & that will be a relief off my shoulders for a spell, I love it when stuff like this is coming to a end for me when I REALLY need it to, it just feels SO good. :>}

So now those 2 things have been taken off my list to get done FINALLY WHEW, so NOW I have started me a NEW craft project up & it came out just AWESOME I have had it on my mind to do for the LONGEST time & I finally got it started. :>} I have shown you the other crafts I’ve done well this one is a 1 of a kind that you won’t see ANYWHERE else my friends I promise you that for REAL & I know this will sell like a million to 1 if nothing else sells I bet THIS 1 will without a hitch.

Now since I started this one it’s like WOW did I do this? it came out so AWESOME I was amazed at the way it turned out that I took it to my neighbors place & he’s LIKE WOW that is AWESOME girl where’d you get that at? I want one ha ha ha :>} When I told him I made it he was like REALLY? that is so COOL I like it, you did that? & being the area we live in, he said if I was to make a bunch of them they’d sell like hot cakes in no time & I gonna be busy getting them made to get them ready to sell.

We have what’s called a BEAN fest every year & that’s where people gather round in a BIG area to sell stuff ALMOST like a flea market place that last 2 weeks & that’s what I’m working on getting into HOPEFULLY this year IF I get enough stuff made up So now you know why I’ve been missing in action for so long but I’ll be here as much as I can in between things I have going on, like I have a SLEW of cans I need to get smashed & a dog house we gotta get made & the crafts kicked into gear B-4 Oct.Thank you for being understanding & caring & such AWESOME people I couldn’t ask for anything more than that from all of you, it just makes me SO proud to know you all little by little & interacting with you all when I get the time it makes my day. :>}


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  1. Thank you I have been working on some other stuff
    like some flower pots that I have around here to see
    where I could go with them & well? it’s coming along.
    the bird house you see here I sent that one to the lady
    that’s been helping me out on the craft stuff I needed.

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