It was a Good Day

I got a call that I needed to go to my grandson’s school. It is at least an hour away. There is snow and ice everywhere, he said it was important. So I did what he knew I would, I dropped everything and went to his school.

When I got there the teacher sat me down at the back of the room. She said that my grandson was reading a report that he had written for an oral grade. After she read the report she let him give me a call. This is a copy of his report.

Ms. Hunter said that we had to write a report on a hero that we know. I am really lucky because I know a whole lot of heros. My grandpa is a veteran. My dad is amazing. There is fireman that lives next door to me and saves lives a lot. My parents do things for me every day.

Today I choose Trenna. Trenna is married to my Grandpa. We call her Trenna so our other Grandma doesn’t get her feelings hurt and besides it’s a cool name. She loves us not because we are related by blood, but because she really just loves us.

She has some rules and when we break them we are in trouble. Trenna lets us paint, cook, play, laugh and she likes us just the way we are. Lots of people have a Grandma, but we are the only ones that have a Trenna. She is my hero.

Everytime she says goodbye she says the same thing. “I love you today, tomorrow, forever and always.” I say “me too”.

It was a good day.


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