It Sounds Pretty Good

Please take the time to read at least more than the first little paragraph and quote. It is more about messaging than the messages. If someone said to you, Don’t you think it would be great if each person would contribute according to ability and receive according to his or her needs. So everyone does the best they can with what they have and the rest comes from a selfless community. 

We would all get along because everyone would have what the needed. Perhaps everyone would not have what they wanted, and yet their needs would be met. It sounds like a good- hearted plan. 

Do you know where it came from?  Here is the quote “The Communist Manifesto, as laid out by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, called for a classless society where each person would contribute according to ability and receive according to his or her needs.”

Because of where I live I cherish my right be homeless and penniless then under the control of others. But is that what Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels envisioned?

I think I need to so more research and examine what I understand and what I believe. A Christian society tends to claim to love and by simply accepting a belief all will be well. They tend to be very charitable and help others. It’s all a little confusing. Especially around this time of year. People tend to misunderstand those who are inquisitive and want to understand.


What do you think?


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  1. No one system is the “best” … My understanding is that the communists believe in sharing no matter what you do … so you could be fishing and caught 1 fish, while your neighbour caught 9. The total will still be divided between the 2 of you, which means you still get 5 fishes, so does your neighbour. hmm…

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