It Jumped Out and Grabbed Me!

I have been working hard on resolutions and making improvements and this quote jumped out and made a question come to mind. How am I measuring my success and my self esteem? 

I know that I am living more purposely and accomplishing more and yet there are some big “holes” that seem to be haunting me.

Virily is a good example on not understanding if I am successful, invisible, a waste of space or trying too hard to be something or someone no one is interested in. I don’t expect everyone to love and appreciate what I say. On other hand, I sometimes think I have done a good job and said something important. That feeling alone should be enough.

Would I truly feel better if I did the write it and run and totally ignored the numbers here? I once made a list of 6 people who I believed really read the post, understood it and commented. That should be plenty for me I would guess. In most cases is going back to check on comments doesn’t do me much good because other than the six there is no real conversation.

Who am I writing for? Is it for an audience that does not exist or for me, who loves to write and comes back and learns things about myself and is trying to grow that way?

Is my entire life a conundrum?


What do you think?


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  1. I’ve just learned a new word: conundrum. ?
    If success has to do with happiness, it is always better to set goals about what you do, not what you get. You can somehow control what you do, but you can’t control what you get.
    I totally agree with the quote.

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