It is Lonely

There was a time I would post an article,  go for a cup of coffee, return and two or more articles by other users would intercede.

I’d post the second, check email, and when I returned, two or more items by other writers would be in place.

Now, I post, I shut the computer, I go o the supermarket, take my time, (getting into discussions of great importance, such as Football (Soccer) or the latest episode of Power.  I return, put away my purchase, sit at the computer, and there is my article. 

No one else has posted.

So I can wait two or more hours before posting again, or just post again.

If someone commented, I can see the first sentence, but nothing more.   I liked comments because in some ways I could learn if I made/missed the point, or if the topic was a bit more complex than I had thought.

Now it is lonely.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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