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It Came to a Head and this is what happened

It started out here. So that clearly was not the end of my story or the end of my day. I managed to get the cookies out of the oven without burning them.  I went upstairs and got the vacuuming done while he was gone and the other was asleep. 

I was able to iron the hang up the shirts. However, I didn’t use the right color of hangers.” Really, it matters if your clothes are hang on a white hanger or black hanger?  If that really matters to you then you can spend the next hour swapping hangers. I am not concerned about it.”

The grandkids didn’t get started early enough and they had to turn back because of the snow.

So the good news or maybe bad news, depends on your point of view.  I am here eating cookies, drinking milk and enjoying the afternoon.

I didn’t vacuum correctly(he told me when he got home). I didn’t hang the clothes on the right colored hangers and now I am rewarding myself with milk and cookies.

I think things could have turned out a lot worse, don’t you?


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter