Israel's Strategy for Dividing Palestine

Tuesday, 5.5.20

I continue my posts to promote a Free Palestine from Zionist Israel. This is old news by now because the whole earth knows the truth. So, any stupid people here who leave stupid comments below, do it for your own entertainment purposes, or your own stupidity, whichever you choose. 

Moreover, Zionist Israel strategy continues to “divide and conquer,” whether in the Zionist Israel community or in the Zionist-occupied Palestine, which is similar what Zionist-occupied USA is doing now in America, with blacks vs whites, black vs black, and other different groups in America. It is all about Zionism and the New World Order agenda, One World Govt, One World Cashless Society, and One World Religion. Just look how far they have pushed it with this One World Lockdown so-called experiment on the world population, based on a mild virus that only affects 2% of the world population, but they have changed statistics, lied, and used all kinds of deceptive ways to promote their NWO agenda with their Zionist filth tactics. 

#1 Palestine Divided | Al Jazeera World

This video describes how the illegitimate and Demented state of Zionist Israel is stealing Palestinian land as well as they continue to create hardships on the Palestinian people. Zionist Israel stole 78% of the West Bank.

Zionist Israel set up many checkpoints in 1991 to control Palestinians, just like what the Zionists in USA are doing, as well as the whole earth for their New World Order agenda, in this One World Lockdown, which has nothing to do with this Corona-thing mild virus.

This strategy of dividing and creating all kinds of issues and hardships for the Palestinians is just one of the Zionist strategies to steal land and occupy Palestine, until they continue to illegitimately get what they want for the Zionist agenda.

Now, the whole earth is living under the Zionist-concocted Prison Planet, similar to how the Palestinians have been living since 1948, when Zionist Israel was illegitimately created. Palestine looks like a concentration camp prison, created by the demented Zionist regime.

Meanwhile, Zionist Israel’s bombing attacks for destruction and mass murder continue to this 2020.

As I watch this video, I realize this is what America currently looks like under One World Lockdown, which really isn't shocking. 

#2 Real Jews burn Zionist Israeli Flag in New York City

Real Jews burn the Zionist Israeli flag in NYC to celebrate their Jewish Holiday Purim. COOL!

The Anti-Zionist religious Jews continue to protest against the illegitimate and demented state of Zionist Israel because it goes against the Jewish religion; and, still, the Zionists consider themselves Jewish, which insults the religious Jews who practice Judaism. These Anti-Zionist Jews continue to support the Palestinians because of what the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians, which is similar to the Jewish Holocaust. (It is obvious by now that the Holocaust was created by the Zionists, in which recruited Hitler to do their dirty work for them, and give the Zionist Jews their own place in the illegitimate Israel. Afterall, Nazism = Zionism). 


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