Is Rombusa waiting? ~ 365 Photos Challenge #225

Rombusa did not wait for the dry season but also did not refuse it to come; no matter if yesterday was lively much flowering in the rainy season; and now appears alone without friends after only a long time of being just green. But also like yellowing leaves and then slowly falling from the branches and the fragile stems of the tree; they are never bored waiting for spring.

East is us who are awake first, in the same seconds that come to all over the earth; does not mean we are not waiting for the sun like everyone or everything in the west and also like all who have an interest in the coming of the sun; but waiting is just a waste for all who are doing and completing something.

Like dried plants in pots, tall grass in the garden, bushes that fill the yard; as well as tables, chairs, and vases scattered in the living room; broken pieces of plates and glasses filled the kitchen floor; clothes and books that ran out of the bedroom closet; dust that settles thickly everywhere; and cobwebs that occupy each ceiling corner throughout the room, they don’t wait for anything or anyone, but the house is still waiting for their master to go home.

Like an empty cafe, with empty seats; the servants sometimes busy pacing tidying the tables; they are still waiting for the visitors to come, even for just to order a cup of coffee or the, while writing a few lines of poetry, or maybe just talking with silence.

Like a pair of teenagers who are reluctant to separate after school, for fear of waiting too long to arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait for the day to end in the room or in front of the book, to see the face of her idol the next morning.

Like parents who live everyday life; always send prayers at each of their busy breaks, and every night that feels long, for their children who go far to fight – for the sake of the country, or for something they love, or even for something they don’t know at all – and always faithful waiting for one word, news about them.

Like all of them who feel they have to go through pain, fear, anxiety, because of oppression, because of violence, because of abuse, because of ego, ignorance, fraud, from any party, anyone; leaders, spouses, parents, children, son-in-law, boyfriends, some choose despair and death because they are not willing to wait anymore, while others strengthen their hearts, try to survive, being patient, learning, maintaining a vision of the future, waiting for the day when all torture and pain can pass.

Also like true lovers, with all their longing for true life, not waiting because their minds are immersed in love, and love lives in this moment, but also realizing that they are waiting, it’s time to unite again.

Waiting is the main cause that makes time seem slow or even not moving at all. Sometimes waiting can be just waiting without knowing what is to wait, or indeed not needing something to wait for. But still, need to believe, believe that what is waiting is there.

Life is indeed about waiting. Waiting for us to realize, when will we stop waiting. But also about not waiting for it’s more fun if we are at the most comfortable and most peaceful point.

We can talk or write a lot of things about waiting, but who is willing to wait for everything to be done?

Are you waiting for something?


What do you think?


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