Being Invisible – Part VII

Shirl had a sense of entitlement. She embraced a sense of superiority as if it were Divinely determined.

As the child of wealthy profligates, she felt that anything she wanted must be gifted. Although when she came to manage this building it should have dawned on her that this was more a kind of pity/pension than a real job, it did not.

She was Shirl, and Shirl lived in luxury. And Shirl must have a car. An expensive fancy car. But Shirl had no money.

Shirl had no car, because Shirl could not afford a car.

In her mind this must have been an incredible injustice and she must avenge. I know how Shirl thinks. It might have only been a few months a decade ago when I was appointed her friend, but during that period I was exposed to her twisted understanding of reality.

As if studying a new version of human, I had found Shirl an interesting ‘subject’, and was not totally surprised by how quickly she could turn against me.


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Written by jaylar

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