Being Invisible – Part V

For a few years I  didn’t see Shirl,  didn’t think of her. I was actually surprised when she walked in with persons she had specifically disliked the first I met her.

I stayed far from her.

What I found so remarkable is; how could Shirl excoriate two sisters to me a few years ago and now have them as her best friends?

This is to show you the nature of Shirl.

I stayed away from her. However, she attracted my attention calling to me with this angry voice, this attitude, this frosty deliberacy that seemed to be overdone.

It was as if I hadn’t noticed her coldness and she was proclaiming it.

Years passed and then I heard she she was given this job. I thought of getting out, but it happened too fast. Shirl had moved in, took up this ‘job’  and spoke with me.

I pretended to be friendly. I didn’t like her, didn’t want to see her, but she didn’t need to know it.

I tried to be nice and she would return it. But, being Shirl, she would turn on me and berate me because she had no one else to annoy. She would berate me in front of others. I said nothing, made it my duty to avoid her.

Days became weeks. I avoided her. And then…


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Written by jaylar

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