Being Invisible – Part IX

I had been going to throw out the garbage when Shirl confronted me. This time it was to tell me that June would be staying with her in such a manner that I should come and say hello.

I pretended I didn’t pick up on her intonation, because the last place I wanted to be was in Shirl’s house.

I was on my way to toss out the garbage, so nodded and passed. I let some time pass before returning, correctly assuming Shirl had gone inside.

I didn’t consider one second’s worth of thought about stopping in and saying ‘hello’ to the woman who was going to be Shirl’s victim.

I never went near the house, I never looked into the house, and set my movements so that I would not be seen by Shirl.

Out of sight, out of mind was my philosophy. For months I was invisible to Shirl. No one could know if I was in or out of my flat, sleeping or awake.

Considering that my flat was the farthest from Shirl’s and she unable to walk more than a few feet due to her huge weight, I felt I had put myself a bit out of her loop.


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Written by jaylar

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