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Interesting Facts About Marine Day Festival

The biggest celebration of my city is not a New Year Eve or Christmas, but the celebration of Sea Day. It continues the whole week at the end of every July. Marine Day Festival originated from fishermen gatherings, get-togethers, and regattas. The first Sea Festival, called Marine Day was organized in the 1934 year. It was organized by various maritime organizations and was attended by 60 thousand of citizens and guests. At this time festival popularized the sea, seamanship, and maritime occupations. Festival aimed to show people the importance of the sea to the whole country. It is celebrated on the last Sunday of July.

Since 1965, Marine Day Festival was called the Sea Day and Fishermen’s Day. Now the Sea Festival has become the biggest traditional festival in Klaipeda. At the first celebrations were held ship parade, carnival, evenings. Now various Klaipeda squares host music concerts of all styles, art events, regatta and so on. At the current time, our festival is known also because of traditional sailboats regatta “Baltic Sail”. is a very important event in our city Klaipeda, the only city near the sea of our country.  The festival visitors come from all over Lithuania and foreign countries – Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, and others. Klaipeda Sea Festival is also known as the Second Christmas, summer Christmas. The festival is a great tool to promote our city all over the world. It is broadcast on a national and other Lithuanian television, it takes an increasing number of foreign media attention.×473.jpg Sea Festival visitors annually are met by traditional maritime activities, sailing boats, music concerts, carnivals. The Sea Festival’s Fair attracts by its exceptional flavors and tastes. People are invited to the beach and city’s sports events, to the professional theater improvisations, the rhythms of the dance floor, the best concert programs, water fountains, nocturnal murmurs, and, of course, celebration fireworks.×473.jpgSea Festival organizers promise for each festival guest unforgettable moments, the best events and maritime charm. Rich street food smells for several years are on the wave and it is an integral part of the culture. Grilled fresh vegetables, different kinds of meat, seafood – keeping abreast of global trends, the Sea Festival invites to discover different street flavors. Much attention there is paid to families with kids. There are a lot of events for kids.

ttps:// the Sea Festival, the city is decorated with large sailboat sails from many countries. One of the most important traditions of the Sea Festival is a ceremony of honoring seafarers when into the waves of the Baltic Sea are dropped the wreaths to all who cherished marine values, who never came back from the sea. The magnificent ship column, led by Navy ship, invites all people to one of the most beautiful marine ceremonies – wreaths down. Day encourages reflection about environmental issues. Every year in the world’s waters get in a number of pollutants, plastics, causing a loss of aquatic flora and fauna. Agricultural fertilizers via sewage canals get into the sea, giving favorable conditions for the reproduction of algae. In the silty waters decreases oxygen and begin to choke fish, other marine animals, marine plants stop growing.—2018-pliusai-ir-minusai5.jpg Festival in Klaipeda every year invites thousands of people who are not indifferent to sea and maritime traditions, encouraging all of us, even more, to be proud of the fact that Lithuania is a maritime country, and its only port of Klaipeda has a long maritime tradition of nurturing the Baltic port city. Inspiring and stylish Sea Festival every year greets Klaipeda’s citizens and guests.—2018-pliusai-ir-minusai5.jpThe event, which objects of respect and exaltation has been selected the largest state’s phenomenon and asset – the sea, through the 8th decades of its life experienced various transformations, appeared and disappeared one or another tradition, but the essence remains the same: to mobilize community of the country to the sea, spread in society marine culture, to teach, to educate from an old times Lithuanian agricultural people by maritime spirit, introduce them with sea wealth and opportunities. Sea Festival history as a mirror reflects the historical development of Lithuanian society, the political, economic and cultural changes and the maturity of marine-national mentality.

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