1.Nauru island is the smallest country in the world and the smallest republic in the world, has a surface of 21 square   kilometers and 11,000 inhabitants (only the Vatican and Tuvalu have less people) 

2.Nauru is a country that officially has no capital. The administrative center is the city Jaren

. 3.Nauru no newspapers, there is a TV channel of state television, which broadcasts TV New Zealand, and one radio station

. 4.Nauru no protected areas, there is no world heritage, there is no river. 

5. Nauru has 30 kilometers of roads and 4 kilometers of track. 

6. Nauru is the least visited country in the world, annually is visited by about 200 tourists. 

7. According to the report, CIA Nauru has the fattest nation in the world, 61% of the population is obese

 8.Nauru has the lowest GDP in the world GDP amounts to 102 million dollars, which is less than they are worth many players. 

9. Nauru does not have an army, it is one of 16 countries in the world that has no army, their security worries Australia.

 10. prison for migrants and criminals is in this state, belongs to Australia. By the beginning of the 21st century, Nauru was practically bankrupt.


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