Installation Guide of Bucket Grease Pumps

Bucket grease pumps are highly demandable pressure pumps having myriads of applications in heavy as well as light automobiles industries. Bucket grease pumps manufacturers release a comprehensive set of grease pumps into the market for the ease of applications in various industries like agricultural, earth moving equipment like the excavators and automobile industries that need frequent greasing. Here are some important tips for its easy installation discussed.

Bucket Grease Pumps

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Prerequisites for easy installation:

Before the installation of Bucket grease pumps, the engineers should make sure of the availability of the following things.

Clean air supply:

Before you put the air inlet inside the grease pump make sure the air is clean with no contamination. For obtaining clean air you can install a filter inside the inner unit before inserting the inlet line inside the pump. This ensures the longevity of the pumps.


Bucket grease pumps need uninterrupted greasing and so the lubricating unit must be installed inside the air inlet.


Air pressure keeps on fluctuating inside the pumps which may be detrimental to the durability of the pumps. Therefore, a regulator should be installed to maintain constant air pressure inside the pumps.

Guidelines for easy installation:

Bucket grease pumps manufacturers recommend the following installation procedures for the grease pump connection.

Fit the drum in the correct way:

In the case of grease pumps, the drum is the most important component that holds the grease in it. The drum should be first cleaned thoroughly before filling it with grease with a gap of approximately 2 inches above. Make sure there are no air pockets. After that, the follower plate should be placed on the top of the drum and pushed forcibly to ooze out some of the greases from the hole at the top of the plate.

Place the suction tube:

After the drum is ready, insert the suction tube inside the drum through the hole on the follower platter. Push the suction tube until it touches the bottom of the drum. Now close the drum cover and tighten it with the drum with the help of threaded screws.

Adjust the hose:

Now it is time to adjust the hose pipes to the pump. Connect the hose to the outlet and apply some sealant to ensure that there is no leakage at the connection point. Connect the other end of the hose pipe to the control valve.

Adjust the regulator:

To prevent any air pressure fluctuations set the regulator at a proper pressure point so as to maintain constant air pressure inside the pump.

Until the air valve gets primed, the grease pump will automatically start. Once it is fully primed the pump will stop. Press the trigger to start dispensing the lubricants at your desired points. But remember not to over grease the pump as it will continuously dispense lubricants as long as the trigger is kept pressed.

These are the simple steps that call for easy installation of grease pumps.


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