Insights on Industrial Adhesives and other High-Performance Adhesives

Adhesives are the non-metallic substances used to create a bond within the surfaces of objects. They are used in various industries to increase the strength of the objects that have been bonded. It attaches sides of materials firmly so that they can adhere to each other. Adhesives are used in all types of industries on a large scale. It saves time and cost in the process of production. Adhesives play a major role in the manufacturing of the product. Adhesives can be solvent based or solvent-less. They chemically react and harden between the objects. It can be applied on one or both sides of the materials. There are various types of adhesives having different life durations. Separation of adhesives can occur by heat, exposure to sunlight, physical strength or use of a solvent.

There has been tremendous growth of industries in India. This had led to the development of various high-performance adhesives in the market. These adhesives have the same quality of bonding things together and save the amount of money required to use them. Adhesives have their different features and properties which are examined for their classification. There is not a single product which is manufactured without adhesive.

Listed below are various types of high-performance adhesives and descriptions on how each is used.

  • Resin is a sticky substance extracted from trees such as almond and pine. It does not dissolve in water and is considered as a natural adhesive. These adhesives can either change their shape or can change their appearance when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Acrylic is used in machinery to create high strength bonds with two different parts. These adhesive bonds last longer, and it takes some time for them to form.
  • Hot melt adhesives give the flexibility to harden or soften the materials with hot or cold temperatures. It takes no time to set and react with the objects. It help correct errors due to its ability to form and reform.
  • Pressure adhesives are commonly used in industries. These adhesives can be activated by adding pressure and don’t need solvent, water or heat for the reaction.
  • Conductive adhesives are used in industries that avoid electro-beam interference to the product.
  • Anaerobic adhesives easily dry and set without oxygen. These adhesives are helpful in forming tight seals without the use of heat. It is used to bond various materials such as rubber, plastic, glass, paper, and fabrics.

Industries use high performance adhesives such as these for manufacturing. Industrial adhesives are essential to manufacturing any single product. It not only provides a strong bond to the product binding but also increases its durability.


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