Insights for 2.3.21

Wednesday, 2.3.21

My summary for these two videos is all over the place because I wrote it out as outline form of whatever stood out most, which summarizes this week’s life, in general. I think it is currently mercury retrograde. So, maybe that is why the topics are going everywhere.

#1 Live in 5 🔥😍💕✨👏✌️

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Meditation tips: use frequency music, like the videos on Youtube, or walking in nature to quiet the mind.

Sloan means “elephant” in Russian.

Jinn = Genie

True, on earth, everything is corrupted since childhood.

She mentioned “Bill Gates,” and suddenly the video stopped working. Youtube probably messed up the first video for censorship. So, I guess a 2nd video was started…

#2 2nd time 🔥✌️✨💕💕😁👏

Continued from first video…

Saturday, February 13th…on Coast to Coast with Richard…I guess some show or something…

Interesting that she mentioned that someone had told her to watch out for her family, and suddenly her 24-year-old son had died via motorcycle accident.

It is mercury retrograde…

Kanye West is gay?

Michael Jackson adopted his kids.

Armie Hammer is obviously a Luciferian…talks about abusing kids…

Spiritual War…will enable people to move on…

TJ Osborne comes out gay…to promote the trannie/gay agenda…

Everyone is fighting for their freedom. Aquarius is focused on self-freedom. So far, we are currently experiencing the least freedom with all the censorship and control mechanisms.


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