The Infinity Symbol Path

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Friday, 1.26.18

It is early morning Friday, when I realize I need to go to bed. But I was thinking about Friday’s walking group hikes around a manmade lake, and its path has a figure 8 shape, which is also the infinity symbol. This symbol seems to have many meanings, but I was never aware of any of the means.

  1. eternity and everlasting love
  2. perfection, duality, and empowerment
  3. no end or beginning
  4. immortality, continuity, self-fertilization, and eternal return
  5. no limitations and infinite possibilities
  6. Women’s Empowerment
  7. endless possibilities

Now, I am wondering if there was specific reason why the sidewalk path around the manmade lake has an figure 8 infinity symbol shape. It is two and a half miles long, and takes around group an hour to walk at a normal pace. But, for a residential neighborhood, I would think it would symbolize community and togetherness.It makes a good place to meditate, as I walk the figure 8 infinity shape path.

I added this necklace of an infinity symbol because it was the only infinity I can find on the internet.


What do you think?

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